Rackspace to AWS with no downtime

About the client

Funky Christmas Jumpers was established in 2008 and today has grown to become the number one destination and go-to place for Christmas Jumpers internationally. An idea that was born out of a frustration and a failed attempt to find a Christmas Jumper for a Christmas Party now see’s Funky Christmas Jumpers sell Christmas Jumpers all over the world.

The problem

Wasted money on hosting. Rackspace 2 server structure that costs way more than it should.


Immediate time to action for any case


Server configuration, Varnish and Redis setup


Security enhancements and recommendations

Results & Journey

Magento on Amazon Web Services

Increased page speed

After migration from rackspace to amazon web services the site became twice as fast.


Cheaper hosting

Change of hosting together with server configurations now saves money.

0 sec

Downtime during migration

Migration went well and there was absolutely no downtime while performing the migration.


The client thought that his hosting expenses were higher than they should be and asked us to investigate the cause and find possible solutions. Our Magento Support Team with Magento certified developers and solution specialists on board proceeded with a deeper analysis.

Analysis and research

Our Support Team went through the server configurations and files. There were many features set up such as Varnish and Redis and the server had limited access. In order to reduce the costs we had to find the most suitable hosting. Amazon Web Services are great for Magento hosting if configured and set up properly so we went on with it.


In order to migrate smoothly at first we had to create an exact copy of the website on Amazon Web Services. The AWS instance had to be configured for best Magento performance and all existing features such as Varnish and Redis also had to be put on. We also had to create an automated solution that transferred all media and database content from live site to Amazon Web Services at the time of migration.


The migration was simple as it was planned out and prepared carefully. The DNS was switched to point to AWS EC2 instance and the old store payment methods were disabled in case some of the customers still had DNS cached in. At the same time the data from live (Rackspace) server was automatically populated to new live (AWS) server so all orders and customers stay up to date.


Once the migration was done we had to ensure that the new live site is working correctly and no new issues had arisen. Our Quallity Assurance team went through the site to find and immediately report issues to the Support Team, luckily no new issues had arisen because of the migration. The reports in Google Analytics also proved that there were no significant count of customers with cached DNS.

Fabio Molle

Awesome, i've been working with MageBit since they started and they dug me out of a hole and since then they've done a great job maintaining my 3 sites and ensuring they are operating as efficiently as possible all within my budget.

Fabio Molle