Ongoing Magento Support

About the client

The establishment of PaulSaar stems from from a rather sorrowful but truly inspiring story when in 2010 Paula Saariniva, a mother of three children, passed away when trying to fight a lung cancer. However, this inspired her family to come up with an idea of establishing a store, which would sell electronic cigarettes to people just like Paula. This helped hundred of thousands people to gain a more qualitative life and avoid tragedies in families with smokers. Since then PaulSaar has grown into an international store based in Finland, which specializes in selling high quality electronic cigarettes, liquids for electronic cigarettes and different accessories . Currently PaulSaar is a leading company in the market of Northern Europe where it is among the most popular brands in Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine.

What we set out to do

The client was looking for a long term solutions partner that can not only support the site 24/7 but also have a great team for strategy. Our Magento Support Team supported the site from strategy planning through templating and custom solution creation. There were urgent cases that required help during the night as well as complex payment module incompatibilities with purchased extensions that we had to fix.


24/7 help for urgent issues.


Custom module development and templating.


Magento best practices and selling strategy planning.

Visual Development

Responsive Theme Development

The client had an old theme that did not look professional as well as it had many bugs on different resolutions and devices. Our Magento Support Team went to help by creating a new theme from PSDs. This was influencing the business so the theme development had to be done fast and so it was developed in less than 3 weeks.

UX / UI Planning and improvements

There were many issues with the initial user experience and journey. We went to help with our large experience gained from working with large enterprise businesses all over the world. From UX / UI improvement ideas to actual implementation - our Support Team did it.

Mobile Focused Templating

Majority of the visitors of PaulSaar online store were visiting the site from their phones. That is why we planned a Mobile Focused theme that was minimalistic and made the customer journey from landing to conversion very easy. This did not affect the desktop version and the conversion rate just got higher for both of the versions.

Functional Development

Payment Method Improvements & Fixes

The first big problem with payments was that Klarna Payment Method did not work correctly with Magento Store Credit. Magebit Support Team fixed the issue and also added new payment methods for different countries. Our team has worked with more than 30 different payment method set up on Magento.

3rd Party Integrations

There were many custom integrations required in this store. From self-learning cloud search with automatic recommendations to social and warehouse integrations - none of these were a problem to our certified developers.

Magento Development

Security & Immediate help

Magento Security

Magento Security

Security patches are not enough for a busy Magento store. The website had serious security flaws that had to be fixed immediately. From diferent server configs and permissions to Magento configuration. We also had to set up Two Factor Authentication in order to make the admin panel completely secure.

Urgent Help

As the website is selling to multiple countries it does not matter if it is day or night - it must work always and they have orders at any time of the day. There were also times when our Support Team worked during nights to fix critical issues and improvements that were affecting their business.