15 Magento PWA Website Examples

We have wrapped up the best examples of Magento PWA websites of different industries with different PWA solutions to give a short insight into how well the software operates. Websites in this list embrace the functionality of PWA on top of Magento 2 while maintaining an excellent UX.


The industry of eCommerce never sleeps, new solutions are delivered more and more often. Although Progressive Web Apps (PWA) has been around for a while, the trend and interest to transform Magento websites into Magento + PWA keep growing. PWA offers many advantages to their users and store owners, starting with no need to develop a native app for their online store app (this can be extremely time and cost consuming) and ending with an opportunity to browse the store on mobile with weak or no internet connection at all.

Finding more than one good example of a PWA page can be time-consuming, therefore we have created this list that combines pages from different industries with great UX and Magento running in the back. Together with the pages, you’ll find a brief description of the page and the business:

  1. Zadig & Voltaire (Vue Storefront)
  2. Kubota (Vue Storefront)
  3. Dear Sam (Vue Storefront)
  4. Malianta (Vue Storefront)
  5. One Open Sky (Vue Storefront)
  6. La Nature (Vue Storefront)
  7. Special Milano (Vue Storefront)
  8. Rooted Objects (Vue Storefront)
  9. Tally Weijl (Vue Storefront)
  10. UK Meds (PWA Studio)
  11. Roeckl (PWA Studio)
  12. Eleganza (PWA Studio)
  13. Peter Jackson (Vue Storefront)
  14. Auto Bernard (PWA Studio)
  15. NY Vape Shop (Vue Storefront)

Magento 2 Stores Using Progressive Web Apps Technology

Zadig & Voltaire

Introduction to Zadig & Voltaire (Vue Storefront)

Zadig & Voltaire is a global fashion luxury brand, and its name is well known between the lovers of fashion. They are using Magento Commerce and Vue Storefront PWA to satisfy their customers in all 3 continents they are working in.

Live link to their PWA solution:



Introduction to Kubota (Vue Storefront)

Kubota is well known Polish flip-flop brand that decided to reactivate themselves after a 25-year break. The iconic brand used Magento 2 and Vue Storefront for their iconic comeback. According to Vue Storefront’s study, the brand made more than 1000 orders in the first month.

Live link to their PWA solution:


Dear Sam

Introduction to Dear Sam (Vue Storefront)

Not only the design of the page is impressive - the page loads fast, is easy and satisfying to use. Dear Sam is a Swedish based store with visually satisfying and high-quality posters. Such an outcome is possible with Magento and Vue Storefront combined.

Live link to their PWA solution:



Introduction to Malianta (Vue Storefront)

Malianta is an iconic Italian brand that’s inspired by the fabulous 1950s when people drove their convertible Alfa Romeos to Capri and listened to Domenico Modugno. Such a fabulous brand requires a fabulous solution - accordingly, they went with Magento 2 and Vue Storefront.

Live link to their PWA solution:


One Open Sky

Introduction to One Open Sky (Vue Storefront)

Offering a wide range of sports equipment for almost all active sports out there, One Open Sky is the biggest Dannish retailer. For their store with more than 10 000 products they went with Magento 2 and Vue Storefront.

Live link to their PWA solution:


La Nature

Introduction to La Nature (Vue Storefront)

It might be pretty challenging to create a store that loads very fast and presents high-quality images for more than 16 000 products. Together with Magento 2.2 and Vue Storefront, this Russia based boutique network completed the challenge.

Live link to their PWA solution:


Special Milano

Introduction to Special Milano (Vue Storefront)

Special Milano offers its customers an aesthetic website together with the world’s hottest shoes like YEEZY by Kanye West and others. With so many fresh kicks to offer their clients they decided to go with Magento 2 and Vue Storefront.

Live link to their PWA solution:


Rooted Objects

Introduction to Rooted Objects (Vue Storefront)

Rooted Objects is truly an honest luxury. This is a place for independent, luxury and streetwear designers to sell their authentic products. For a truly luxurious experience of their marketplace, they combined Magento 2 and Vue Storefront.

Live link to their PWA solution:


Tally Weijl

Introduction to Tally Weijl (Vue Storefront)

TALLY WEiJL is a global name in the fashion industry, as their mission, they see the empowerment of women. To sell clothing that encourages women to be themselves and express confidence, they used Magento and Vue Storefront.

Live link to their PWA solution:


UK Meds

Introduction to UK Meds (PWA Studio)

UK Meds is a family-run private health care provider from Nottingham. To their customers, they offer comprehensive medical services with a wide range of products. A study by PWA Studio says their new PWA is 300% faster than their old platform and orders have increased by 30%. Such success was accomplished by combining Magento and PWA Studio.

Live link to their PWA solution:



Introduction to Roeckl (PWA Studio)

Quality, craftsmanship, and style - 3 words that describe ROECKL, a brand from Munich with its values clear since 1839. By combining Magento and PWA Studio, the sales grew by 198% and decreased their bounce rate by 35%.

Live link to their PWA solution:



Introduction to Eleganza (PWA Studio)

Balenciaga, Versace, Moncler - these are just a few brands you can shop at Eleganza. The brand started to operate in 1981, Hilversum, and to this day, they focus on fashion lovers who are looking for pieces that are beyond the mainstream. To handle such an audience, they combined Magento and PWA Studio.

Live link to their PWA solution:


Peter Jackson

Introduction to Peter Jackson (Vue Storefront)

Peter Jackson is a family-owned and managed jeweler with a reputation of a leading brand. On their store that’s built on Magento 2 and Vue Storefront combined, you will find pieces from such brands like Gucci, Citizen, Emporio Armani, and other well-known names.

Live link to their PWA solution:


Auto Bernard

Introduction to Auto Bernard (PWA Studio)

Auto Bernard is a French car distributor with a rather complex catalog. By combining Magento 2.3 and Font-Commerce, they have created an easy to use PWA website.

Live link to their PWA solution:


NY Vape Shop

Introduction to NY Vape Shop (Vue Storefront)

NY Vape Shop is a vape shop that is based in the United States. They recently migrated to Magento 2 with PWA using Vue Storefront. NY Vape Shop has thousands of satisfied customers and a wide product range.

Live link to their PWA solution:


Last updated: 31 March 2020

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