PayPal payments in Magento

Empower your Magento store with PayPal

Fast and secure

Adding PayPal to your Magento store will make it easier for your customers to complete checkout while reducing risk of fraud. Using PayPal express checkout the checkout can become 3 times faster than usual.

PayPal express checkout

One simple button can drastically increase your conversion rate. Faster checkout and higher conversion rate.

26 currencies supported

With 26 currencies supported PayPal can help your store adapt to different regions and convince customers to purchase goods exactly at your online store.

162 million active PayPal accounts

There are more than 162 million active PayPal accounts worldwide. Don't ask your customers for information that they have filled in already.

Add PayPal payments today

We will set up PayPal payments on your store today!

"52 weeks pre-/post-PayPal integration of 22 merchants across 7 categories reported up to a 70% higher checkout conversion rate."
- Nielsen Online Buyers Insights