We are a step ahead of the game! Offering Magento 2, the next generation technology

After five years of successful integration in eCommerce websites and over 4 million downloads Magento 1 is now ready to conquer the next step in victory. Magento 2, the next edition of revolutionary Magento technology comes to you with a whole range of value added features.

Magento 2 Services

As you know, at Magebit we are passionate about keeping our fingertips on the pulse of innovation. We are ready to offer Magento 2 services complete with full fledged enhanced features. If you enjoyed vast functionality benefits of Magento 1 you’d be amazed with the improved performance qualities of this new edition.

Convert your web-shop to Magento 2

We can convert your Magento 1 extensions to work compatibly with Magento 2. We closely follow all developments in Magento 2 and with our updated migration tools we are able to undertake a full scale Magento 2 projects. Magento 2 is now actively developed and we are among the pioneers in offering this brand new eCommerce website development tool.

Why Magento 2?

  • improved scalability
  • better performance
  • streamlined integration
  • better customization
  • better quality eCommerce solutions

Looking for Magento 2 work?

Magento 2 is new but we have managed to build a few Magento 2 sites already!

Make the switch to Magento 2 and leave the competition miles behind your web-shop. Contact us for more information.