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Magento support team with certified developers and solution specialists.

Proven experience

With more than 300 sites supported our Magento support specialists have proven their skills by passing official Magento certification exams.
You can validate the certificates by clicking here.

Happy customers

Our customers are very happy to work with us. From idea planning, communication and implementation to site security and recommendations for SEO, conversion rates, ROI etc. Check out our case studies or testimonials to know more.

Don’t let disruptions, code problems, downtime or other site issues compromise your business. Not when you have ready access to - Magebit 24/7 Magento support!

Always available

Our custom driven Magento support services will keep you covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us for more information on tailor made packages suiting your unique needs.

Fast time to action

A dedicated hotline, email support ticket and immediate notification system is set up to facilitate easy and fast communication. When a customer orders don’t get through during rush hour or late night we are there with urgent help on tap.

Best practice

No workarounds. We don't modify core files just to fix your issue. Our certified team of experts will fix the issue without touching the core files. This will prevent another issues from appearing and your site breaking after security updates.

Seriously handy support service

Forget about overhead eating night shifts. Magebit offers expert Magento support services to all types of websites at any time of the day throughout the year. Our outreach covers websites all across the world.

Our clients love how we work

We will make tailor made support service just for you.

Equal pro-active support,
whether your site is big or small