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Magento, E-commerce | Jan 21, 2019

How to find a good Magento Support agency?

Kristaps Rjabovs
Managing Director

In this blog post, I want to tell you about a few things how to select the right partner for your Magento website.

Magento is probably the best PHP eCommerce platform in the world, and at the same time, it is a very complicated platform maintenance wise. Using Magento as your eCommerce store base allows you to have unlimited possibilities that you can do with it. Many of them are already in there out of the box and some of them can be purchased as 3rd party extensions. However, you will need a reliable Magento expert that can take care of compatibility issues, new feature development and continuous support.

Magebit has more than 100 support clients, most of them are coming to us because of bad experience with previous agencies. To make our service even better, we learn from the issues that our clients had, and we are continuously improving our service, so they never have to face them again. Based on this experience, I decided to write a guide on how to select a good Magento development company that will support your eCommerce website.

What to look for?

  • Make sure that the company you are selecting is Magento focused. In most cases, development agencies that do everything can’t do even one thing right.
  • Ensure that the agency you are choosing has Magento certified developers. It is not necessarily needed that all of them are certified, but the majority should be.
  • They should have fine-tuned task and project management processes. It must be easy to use the ticketing system, and possible to raise a support ticket anytime you need.
  • The pricing should be transparent and you should not start the work before you know at least approximate costs for specific tasks.
  • Make sure that they have urgent support. You don’t need somebody who is working 24/7 but in case something goes down with your page outside of business hours, they should have a plan on how to take care of your business.
  • They should have a dedicated team that is providing maintenance services. Some of the agencies are mainly doing development only and will do every single task you need project based.
  • Check references, ask them to provide some client contacts and their recommendations. Preferably call them and ask for their experience.
  • Even if there is a low amount of hours you need to deliver every month, there should be at least two developers that are working with your project. In case one leaves the company or is on vacation or sick leave there will always be another person who knows everything about your project and is ready to work with your tasks.
  • If you have a high amount of hours needed every month, make sure that they have enough resources. If you are coming to a company that has five developers and you need Magento support services for at least 300 hours per month, most likely they will not be able to handle that.
  • Ensure that all estimates are provided by developers instead of project managers. A certified developer can give a more accurate assessment than a project manager who is working with Magento for years. In this way, you will avoid unexpected extra costs to finish the task, or paying more than you should.
  • Check whether the company has a plan and experience with disaster recovery. There might be a case when something goes wrong, but in this case, it is vital to stay focused, acknowledge what went wrong and find a correct way how to fix it with as less as possible damage to clients business.
  • Make sure that not only salesperson have good English knowledge but also developers and the project manager that you will work with. Very often I have heard that the biggest issue was not the code quality or service that the agency was providing but language barrier between them and the developers.
  • And last but not least, you have to make sure that they have excellent customer support. In this case, you are a customer of this agency, and you have to make sure that they will treat you well, and they know what to do. In most cases, you can see that in the first 5 minutes by having a call or meeting together.

Local Magento agency

I see very often that customers had a bad experience just because they were afraid to check somebody across the border. In most cases, Magento store owners select somebody that is in their city, country, or region, to have somebody local but this limits you to very few agencies.

I know that there are places in the world where Magento is very topical, and there are a lot of options to choose from. But even then, what is the main reason why you want to have somebody next door? Think about that what is more important — to have somebody near you or somebody who has real experience and who is capable of providing you with quality service.

Magebit Magento Support & Maintenance

Here at Magebit, we are always aiming for perfection, and we are continuously improving and trying to keep all our clients happy and satisfied.

If you are still looking for somebody who will take care of your Magento site maintenance or you are not satisfied with your current agency that is supporting your eCommerce site, give us a try and contact us on We will be happy to tell you more about amazing Magento support services that we are offering.

Magebit is a full service eCommerce agency specialized in Magento. At Magebit we create the wonders of eCommerce and support small sites as well as large enterprises.

You can contact us at or through the contact us page.

Kristaps Rjabovs
Managing Director
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