Showing you the right way of using Magento for maximum website success

Our Magento planning gives you a fresh start to reconnect with old customers and lure new ones with each one of them finishing their purchases in your newly modified Magento enhanced web-store.

Strategy Planning

We are well known for introducing breakthrough Magento strategy plans aimed at accomplishing bottom-line expectations of increased sales. Magento is a tool with enormous potential benefits in website usability. To reap these benefits the tool needs proper finessing and harnessing. At Magebit we use the right Magento channels, planning and exploiting strategies to optimize eCommerce websites.

Enhance lead conversion rates

Our Magento strategy extends to full coverage website usability through content management, data quality optimization, search engine high placements and online promotions among others. We recommend best planning methods for increasing sales through optimized lead conversions.

Rest easy on cart abandonment worries

Cart abandonment and site hopping is rampant only in poorly developed eCommerce websites. Make customers stick to your website with a resourceful Magento strategy. We cover all the important elements from creating right tone, style, rapid checkout process, up-front pricing and facilitation of third party payment methods to powerful call-to-actions and many more.

Create a fully functioning online store

To ensure customers don’t jump ship at any point our expert Magento developers follow a thorough detection process. Every step in the transaction process is analyzed, reviewed and modified to craft tailor made solutions in transforming your website into a fully functional business store.

Worried about low sales?

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Strategy plan in less than 1 week

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