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Magento | Aug 25, 2023

Hyvä vs Luma: A Comprehensive Review of Magento 2's Premier Themes

Artjoms Lanko
E-commerce certified specialist

Introduction to Magento 2's Theme Landscape

In the digital marketplace, the visual appeal and operational efficiency of an online store can be the linchpin of success. Magento 2, a standout in the e-commerce platform landscape, has consistently demonstrated its prowess in the industry.

The themes in Magento 2 are not only visually appealing, they are also the strategic pillars that shape the shopping odyssey of the users. Amidst the vast theme landscape, Luma and Hyvä have carved a niche for themselves. Let's take a closer look at these two outstanding themes.

Deep Dive into Luma

Luma, the flagship theme of Magento 2, made its debut in August 2015. This theme was not just another successor, it was a transformation, a leap from the "Madison Island" of Magento 1. Since its launch, Luma has been the first point of contact with the platform for countless Magento users and sets the tone.


Luma's design philosophy is a testament to the evolution of e-commerce aesthetics. It represents a design ethos based on clarity, sophistication and usability. The tile-based architecture is a nod to modern design trends and offers a visually appealing and uncluttered layout. This is a stark contrast to its predecessor Magento 1 “Madison Island” theme, which had a more traditional layout.

However, while Luma shines on the desktop interface, touchscreen users occasionally struggle with minor design inconsistencies.


Luma's performance metrics are noteworthy, especially considering that it's a free theme. While the market is flooded with themes that boast customizations, Luma stands out. Its blend of design and usability ensures that online stores not only look good, but also run smoothly.


This theme isn't just about aesthetics - it's a powerhouse. It's equipped with all of Magento's key features, from seamless product viewing to an efficient checkout process. This ensures that whether customers are placing a single product or a bulk order, they experience a smooth and intuitive shopping experience.

Luma vs Other Themes

The e-commerce world is rife with choices, and Luma is often weighed against themes like F2. Where Luma truly shines is its balance. It doesn't focus on just one aspect, be it design or performance. Instead, Luma offers a holistic solution. Its intuitive content layout, combined with a user-centric design, often makes it the preferred choice for businesses, from budding entrepreneurs to established companies.

Unveiling Hyvä

Hyvä, though a newer entrant in the Magento theme arena, has made waves. Conceived by Willem Wigman and Magento veteran, Vinai Kopp, it's not just another theme, it's a statement. Since its 2021 launch, over 600 stores have adopted Hyvä, a testament to its robustness, innovative design, and performance capabilities.


In today's fast-paced digital world, speed is currency. Hyvä understands this. Designed with site efficiency as its bedrock, it doesn't just meet performance standards, but also sets them. Boasting near-perfect Google Page Speed scores, Hyvä ensures that online stores aren't just fast but also offer a smooth user experience.


Hyvä challenges the traditional concept of a theme. It provides merchants with a dynamic system, allowing for extensive website styling and customization. This ensures that businesses aren't just setting up a store, they're crafting unique digital experiences for their customers.

Hyvä vs Other Themes

Hyvä, a relatively new entrant in the Magento theme landscape, has quickly stood out from the crowd. While traditional themes often focus on aesthetics, Hyva focuses on performance. It has been designed with the utmost care for website efficiency and consistently delivers near-perfect Google Page Speed scores - a feat rarely matched by its competitors.

Hyvä is a foundational platform that provides merchants with a dynamic system for comprehensively designing their website without sacrificing speed. In a market oversaturated with themes that often sacrifice performance for design or vice versa, Hyvä strikes a harmonious balance, setting a new gold standard for e-commerce platforms.

Huma vs. Luma - A Comparative Analysis

The Luma theme is the cornerstone of Magento and is chosen by many by default. With its wide compatibility and user-friendly design, as well as universal module compatibility, it is often the default choice for businesses that need a quick and easy installation. It is a reliable "workhorse".

Hyvä, on the other hand, is designed for those who want to invest in a high-performance system that offers a modern design and unmatched speed. However, it requires some customization to ensure compatibility with certain modules, and a slightly higher investment amount.

A simple example: a home goods store that values a modern design and fast loading times might choose Hyvä, while a bookstore looking for a robust and easy-to-navigate platform might choose Luma.

Practical Recommendations

For those new to Magento or looking for a reliable, out-of-the-box solution, Luma is a trusted ally. Its extensive module compatibility promises a glitch-free user journey. It's ideal for:

  • Startups and SMEs: With its out-of-the-box readiness, Luma is perfect for companies that are just starting out or don't have extensive technical resources.
  • Broad Compatibility Needs: If you plan to integrate a wide range of modules without having to deal with compatibility checks, Luma is the right solution for you.
  • Budget-friendly solutions: As a free theme, Luma ensures that businesses can have a functional and attractive online store without tearing a hole in their pockets.

On the flip side, Hyvä beckons those who prioritise cutting-edge performance and contemporary design. It's tailor-made for:

  • Performance Enthusiasts: when website speed and front-end performance are top priorities, Hyvä is second to none.
  • Modern Design Seekers: Companies that want their online store to stand out with a modern design will find Hyvä to be a perfect fit.
  • Technical Teams: Hyvä offers extensive customization options, making it ideal for businesses with technical teams that can use the system to its full potential.


In the vast tapestry of Magento 2 themes, choosing the right theme can be crucial. Luma, with its mix of reliability and comprehensive compatibility, turns out to be a timeless classic. On the other hand, Hyvä is the contemporary maestro, offering design innovation and top performance.

Both themes have their unique strengths, and the final choice should be in line with the different needs and aspirations of a business.

With Magento 2's unwavering commitment to excellence, either choice ensures a robust e-commerce platform, equipped to meet the dynamic demands of the digital age.

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Artjoms Lanko
E-commerce certified specialist
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