Blog Last Call: 7 Revenue-Boosting Tactics to Sell to Last-Minute Shoppers

Last Call: 7 Revenue-Boosting Tactics to Sell to Last-Minute Shoppers

Julia Abbasova

Depending on the niche, last-minute actions can help finish this year with a great spike in sales. Most of these tactics require minimal effort and can be implemented in no time.

Here are 7 surefire ways to sell to those in a hurry and boost revenue before the season ends.

#1 Offer lightning-speed delivery

You can easily deal with the “I need it now” customer concern by offering overnight delivery. Indicate next-day shipping by the count-down element “order now/by, get it tomorrow/by…”. Another option that also works great for thirsty-for-purchase customers is the self-pick-up from the store. In this case, make sure visitors can quickly find the nearest location by entering a zip code on your page.

#2 Gift & e-gift cards

Digital and more familiar plastic/paper gift cards are among the best options for last-minute gifts. Why? They are a fast- and easy-to-purchase solution that requires minimal effort from someone looking for a present. Help last-minute shoppers buy from you, without having to choose a specific item. Make sure this option is prominently on your website. Place it right in front of the eyes of your visitors so they can quickly purchase one.

Here's a great example by Sephora. The brand not only offers a variety of classic, corporate and e-gift cards but additionally allows customers to add a personal touch to the gifts cards.

#3 Multiple payment methods

For those shopping at the last minute, you want to simplify the checkout process as much as possible. Multiple payment methods are a surefire way to increase conversions. Does your online store support PayPal, Apple Pay, or Amazon Pay? If not, consider adding them to finish the season with a big bang in sales. Magebit can easily cover you with payment options integration.

#4 Tabby or any pay-later service

The holiday season shows no mercy to our wallets, making certain products so desired but too expensive to get. The thing is that you can easily sell to last-minute shoppers even beyond-average-price products. You just need to offer to split the purchase into several payments. So make sure your online store supports shop-now-pay-later payment methods like Tabby, PayPal, or Afterpay. Our team can help you implement split-the-payment services in your store, so you’re all set for boosting sales.

#5 Gift-wrapping options

Gifts purchased at the last minute will odds-on go directly to the recipient. As a merchant, you can offer gift-packing or greeting-card options at the checkout. For last-call shoppers, it’s a weight off the shoulders when someone takes care of wrapping the present, making it look like a thoughtful gift, not just a last-moment purchase.

#6 Be mobile-first

When desperately searching for a last-minute gift, shoppers use every free minute to find the save-us present. On the morning ride to work, in line for a coffee, or during lunch, knocking on what the colleague is saying, surely without listening. No matter the place, odds are they are browsing on smartphones.

Here’s how you as a merchant can help them buy from you. Simplify navigation, showing only the essential information customers need — a picture, a price, and a CTA button. Make the checkout process as fast as possible. Eliminate all the unnecessary fields, use autofill, and real-time address lookup, and, of course, make sure your guest checkout is prominently featured.

#7 Last-call perfect pitch

Remove the guesswork and tell holiday shoppers you can easily cover them with a last-minute gift. Even the shortest email pitch (or a mobile notification in the case of an app) may convert to more sales. Address last-minute buyers with a brief reminder that with your brand they can still be on time with a gift. Target them with a great subject, hero images, and a CTA button (with a countdown timer). Our copywriters and creative team can help you with visuals and copy that are battle-tested to drive results.

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Last-minute gift shoppers always have a good reason, for sure. As an e-tailer, you can win customers for life if you sort out the crazy last-moment gift muddle for them.

Our team is ready to stand by and help you win last-minute shoppers. We can reserve our experts specifically for you and ensure your KPIs face a nice spike.

Magebit is a full service eCommerce agency specialized in Magento. At Magebit we create the wonders of eCommerce and support small sites as well as large enterprises.

You can contact us at or through the contact us page.

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