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Magebit | Feb 18, 2019

Shadow day at Magebit

Linda Roze

In Latvia once a year we have Shadow day that is an opportunity for students to see work life. They can pick a profession and an organization where to go. This year on 13th February Magebit participated Shadow day.

This year Magebit had 24 shadows aged from 11 to 18 years old. We provided 16 web developer places but this year the most popular was video editor vacancy. He received 34 applications! As we went through three hard selections, we picked our 24 lucky shadows.

The morning started with coffee, snacks and a little chat between shadows. After that, a little excursion was led by our HR. Before serious work shadows took a chance to play ping-pong and other games.

Unfortunately, only HR shadows didn’t see the usual HR’s day. There were only about 15 minutes of serious work and all the rest was for coordinating the Shadow day. But, it is the job of HR. Two intelligent ladies came to see if they want to be HR in the future. As the day went by, they said that it is a hard but interesting job and none of the days are the same.

Our youngest shadow was only 11 years old but already knew that wants to be a web developer. It was pleasing to see the young generation so sure about the future and to hear what they already do to get where they want to be.

After two hours all employees and shadows had a lot of pizzas and eclairs. The vision was that it would be time for shadows to talk to employees in an informal place but we didn’t want to push them to do it. And all happened as we wished for!

With full stomachs and happy faces, shadows went to see a presentation. After the presentation about Magebit, they were asked various questions. And the answers were so pleasing! Some said it was the best Shadow day they had ever participated in. Some said that we helped to see what they really want in life.

After all, shadows happily went home and Magebit continued to work but the day wasn’t the same as yesterday for all of us. Will see how it goes next year!

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