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eCommerce Design Services

We will help you take your online store to the next level with our eCommerce design services. Contact us to learn more about how a good user experience and user interface can impact your online sales.

Web design for Magento and Shopify

Specialized in Magento and Shopify design services, knowing RWD and Luma themes in-and-out helps us create amazing designs that minimize the development effort needed while achieving the original KPI goals set. Contact us today and we will tell you more about how you can simplify the development without reworking the goals and get a beautiful and action driven design.

Responsive website design

Nowadays, responsive website is a must. There are more device types than you can imagine and making sure you look and function properly on each one of them is essential for any online business. Usually, we design 3 versions for responsiveness and our developers take care of the rest.

Not just a minimized version
of desktop appearance

Our responsive designs facilitate high quality viewing on any device. We create intelligent design solutions for automatic detection of devices. Scaling and resolution will adjust for a better fit on the particular device. All important website elements, including shopping cart, product pages, search, navigation and checkout will be available on a mobile optimized screen in addition to a range of value added features like nearest store location, ongoing promotions, etc.

Result driven design

Having a modern look is nice but that is not enough. Ecommerce is all about the actions from your visitors and the value you get from each customer. We will help you create a design that leads to actions important to you.

Specialized in eCommerce

Our designers work with eCommerce every day and there are different small tricks that help us reach eCommerce goals much faster (higher conversion rate, faster site etc). And yes, proper designs are very important for a highly converting eCommerce website.

Ready to get a new look?

Great! Let’s get in touch to discuss the details! We will make sure your new design looks good and functions even better!

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Achieve better results with our Magento eCommerce design servicse

Our extensive experience working with eCommerce websites across industries will help you earn more.

UI design

Working with eCommerce daily for years has its pros - you get to know how it is changing and get a feel for how it will be tomorrow. We will design your store in a way that looks good today and will be a good fit for coming years.

UX design

Carefully crafted user journeys, clear CTAs and more for the best eCommerce user experience. We will ensure your site not only looks great but also is easy to use, intuitive and is goal oriented so you can boost your sales.

Responsive page design

A good responsive design isn't just a desktop version broken down into blocks. It is important to craft and adjust the smaller version designs to fit the device usability standards so it is easy to use. It can also help you improve your rankings in search engines.

Mobile-first design

If your traffic is mostly mobile, the design should be made mobile-first to ensure highest possible results in terms of user experience and target CTAs. We will help you decide when to go with traditional desktop-first versus modern mobile-first approach.

Specialized in eCommerce

Our goal oriented designs are our specialty and we can ensure the new look will boost your sales and increase your visitor happiness while browsing the site. Also, search engines consider user behavior on the site so it can give a boost there as well.

Pixel perfect

Choose our development services together with our design and you will get the perfect site that is pixel perfect and looks exactly like in the designs. Not only that, our team will ensure that the online store is made with the best practices in mind.

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