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Magento Hosting on AWS

Host your Magento store on the most secure, scalable and reliable cloud provider in the world - Amazon Web Services. Our vast experience in building custom Magento infrastructures on AWS ensures that you get a set-up that is ahead of the competition.

Scalable, Reliable

AWS is a cloud web hosting service provider on which the businesses, organizations and the governments hosts their websites, web applications and web stores. AWS is the #1 cloud hosting provider as they have wide variety of service options ranging from simple to enterprise hosting. The AWS charges its users on a monthly basis depending on the quantity of resources utilized by the users.

Hosting on AWS

Magebit can help you with Amazon Web Services

Placing your site on Amazon Web Services means there is no need for you to worry about the high
network traffic or scalability. Our specialists can build a cutting edge architecture Magento hosting environments.

All under one roof

Amazon Web Services can cover all of your needs ranging from Databases, EC2 Instances, Cloud Formation to name a few.
All services are provided under one roof and you can have a check about the products in AWS products page.

Sufficient control

Stuck with limited access provided by other cloud providers? With website being hosted on AWS the site owners have full
control over their websites.

Still not sure if AWS is for you?

Contact our AWS specialists today and get yourself a cutting edge AWS infrastructure!

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Unique pricing

The pricing in AWS is done only for the resources utilized by the infrastructure to host the website and it also has a pay
on the go pricing or a fixed monthly pricing model so there is no front up costs.

Highly recognized and secure

Amazon Web Services are certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield. That means businesses registered in the EU can securely
and lawfully use AWS to transfer sensitive data to AWS US regions. This is very important for eCommerce stores from Europe
that have US store views.

Almost there!