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Empower your Magento by using Progressive Web Apps thus reaching lightning fast loading times, improved experience on mobile and much more. Our extensive experience with building Magento PWA stores will ensure your headless eCommerce store is ahead of the competition.

What is Magento PWA?

Magento PWA is a combination of 2 systems - Magento that acts as a backend and a PWA system that is a frontend service with various features such as offline browsing capabilities. There are various PWA systems in the market so we follow them closely to find you the best fit.

PWA set up for Magento

PWA system is not that simple to set up and is kind of a redesign or new theme creation on your Magento. The design code cannot be taken from the Magento system as the PWA frontend connects to Magento via API calls.

Benefits of using PWA for Magento

There are many benefits for building a headless Magento theme with Progressive Web Apps functionality.

Very fast

Reach lightning fast page load times by using the PWA technology.

Offline browsing

PWA has the ability to work offline thus having your shoppers engaged during a loss of internet.

Low data usage

As many things happen offline and static assets are not loaded all the time your shoppers will use less of their data plans.

App-like UX

Get an app-like feel and user experience within the mobile browser and have your shoppers even more engaged than ever.

Deploy to App stores

It is possible to deploy the PWA stores to app stores and have your customers download an app which is essentially your website.

More engagement

The PWA technology also allows you to send push notifications and save the site to home screen.

How much does Magento PWA cost?

It varies per solution so get in touch with us to learn more about it and how much it will cost for your store.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps is not a single platform, it is a frontend stucture for your headless website. There are many solutions out there such as Vue Storefront, ScandiPWA, SimiCart PWA and Magento's PWA Studio.

Free Magento PWA Demo

No registration needed, check the demo yourself.

Magento PWA Demo

What's new in progressive web apps

Follow the latest on Magento Progressive Web Apps, and find out how this solution can help you get ahead of the competition.

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Get Magento PWA implemented for your store

We will help you get ahead of the competition with this PWA solution.

What is so special in the PWA technology?

The PWA technology has been available for quite a while already and the giants are already transforming their websites to use it. As there are now real results from the big players, it has become a hot topic - especially in eCommerce as user experience, engagement and communication with shoppers is extremely important here. The technology combines the best of both worlds - mobile and browser shopping. No need to download an app yet still you can make app-like experience and messaging.

Can a Magento theme be converted into a PWA?

No. Magento and the PWA system are two different systems and the development on both differs. While the PWA systems are pretty simple in terms of frontend development, they need to be crafted carefully to ensure long-term success and maintainability. Usually, people migrate from Magento 1 to 2 and then build the theme to be PWA ready from the beginning. Another way is to just do a redesign of the Magento 2 theme and build it PWA ready.

What are the results of PWA implementation?

AliExpress doubled their user engagement leading to double the conversion rate. Pinterest got 296% increase in session length which is their measure of success as they are not selling anything. Twitter reduced their data consumption by 70% that ends up in huge savings of money and headache on managing the scaling hosting solution. Still not impressed? Get in touch with us and we will be happy to share more success stories with you.

What is the process of building a PWA site?

It is pretty much the same as building a new theme for your Magento store if you have Magento 2 already. As the code needs to be re-written on the PWA system, we recommend doing a redesign of your site so you freshen it up together with the PWA implementation. It is also possible to just rewrite the code from Magento theme to PWA theme but as no code can be copied over, it doesn't take much effort to freshen it up while doing it.

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