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24/7 Magento Support & Maintenance Agency

We are an agency offering fully managed support and maintenance service for your business with 24/7 availability to ensure your online store improves and grows. Specialized in Magento and offering a vast spectrum of services, our support & maintenance offering is the perfect way to scale your online business.

Magento website support
that is always responsive

Regular maintenance or urgent fixes in the middle of the night - our certified Magento developers are ready to help you anytime! Our managed Magento support and maintenance services are suitable for all businesses using Magento platform.

Managed Magento support
for everyone, everywhere

It does not matter if you are from the United States, Australia, China or Europe. We work with different sized eCommerce stores all over the globe.

Want to know if there are any websites we work with that are from the same country where you are? Drop us a line! We are sure there is a Magento website nearby that we support.

Magento support by Magebit

Our extensive experience working with eCommerce websites across industries will help you earn more.


No matter the size of the project - small or big - it will be handled by certified professionals with vast experience in the field.

100% cost control

All tasks are estimated and worked on after your approval. Transparent communication and professional estimates with breakdowns ensure you always know the cost of work.


Our flow, which has been carefully crafted and improved over the years, ensures quick and precise delivery of tasks of any difficulty level.

Full service

Whether you need development, design, strategy or marketing help - we are here for you. All through a single channel of communication.

Magento 1 & 2

Our extensive knowledge of Magento 1 and 2 ensures that the services we provide your Magento store are among the best ones available, if not the best ones.

Customer oriented

Aligned with the company values, the service is obsessed with the customer. We build trust, take care and ensure you are more than satisfied with our services.

Proud to say that we are
Magento & AWS partners

Magento Commerce is the leading provider of cloud commerce innovation for both B2C and B2B merchants. If your store requires bleeding edge omnichannel solutions, Magento Commerce is the right choice for your store.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading cloud service provider. With their proven track-record and industry trust your store will be secured and downtime will be nonexistent. AWS is the choice for your store if you are looking for stability and innovation.

Support workflow visualized

"We can handle any type of challenge you throw our way. With our streamlined approach we can handle tasks big and small; and with our detail oriented approach we will make sure that your site is as good as it can be."

Have a rest, you deserve it!

Let our Magento developers take care of your store. You shouldn’t need to worry about the website, it’s our job to do that. Our Magento and Google certified specialists will make your life easier by removing the worrying and adding success.

Better safe than sorry

Sometimes a good Magento agency is just not enough. Our carefully created processes shrink the space for human errors and different bugs. Within our experience working with top eCommerce sites where even a second of downtime is a big deal we have gathered the experience to maintain your website safely.

Magento Commerce maintenance service

At Magebit we support Magento Commerce as well as Open Source. Throughout the years we have worked closely with Magento Expert Consulting Group, Magento Support and many different Enterprise clients while gaining crucial in-depth experience. Our certified developers are ready to assist your business.

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Get ahead of the competition with the leading Magento support agency

We will help you achieve more with our vast knowledge across the industries.

How do you ensure successful cooperation?

There is a mix of ingredients that help us achieve success for our clients. Among them there is keeping a trusted and open relationship that helps us make bold decisions and properly prepare making big changes. Another ingredient is our expertise such as having Magento specialized developers with 10+ years full-time experience with Magento 1 and 2. This is just an insight into what makes us stand out so much. To learn more about this, feel free to contact us.

Is it easy to get started with Magento support?

Yes, definitely. And it is not just easy to engage but also the ongoing flow is optimized with ease of use in mind. We believe that in order for us to be able to help you, simple and fast communication is a must. Usage of various tools from Atlassian (such as Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket), Amazon Web Services and custom made internally helps reduce the boring and repetitive work to keep the relationships interesting, fully engaged and very simple. Really, the flow is so simple yet optionally advanced it works for professional eCommerce managers as well as for owners with extensive experience in their business that has nothing to do with computers.

What is Magento support service?

Having an online store requires regular maintenance, improvements and changes. Our support and maintenance service helps you focus on your business matters while taking care of your site from a to Z. Mostly our customers need us to fulfill their development needs but the service doesn’t end there. We are there also for strategic, professional design and marketing needs. All of this depend on what people you have internally and how much of the work you want to keep internal. Another benefit of choosing Magebit for Magento maintenance is the availability of certified experts - we are there for your store 24/7, meaning we will ensure your business is truly open for business at all times.

Are there minimum requirements for Magento maintenance?

There is no minimum requirement, just the will to improve your online store. We work with small businesses as well as large enterprises and believe that all businesses should have the opportunity to hire world-class professionals for a truly competitive and reasonable price. Also, it is possible to try out our services through urgent support without an agreement or go with the regular support for as long as you wish - there is no minimum term set in the support agreement and there are no set up fees. The service is meant for any Magento store owner, risk and worry free.

"Our main goal is to help online businesses on Magento succeed whilst providing high quality and customer-oriented services"

Chief executive officer

Why choose Us?

Sometimes a good team is just not enough. Our carefully crafted process shrinks the space for human errors and different bugs. We have an extensive experience and knowledge in maintaining online stores. So your website will be supported safely and securely; whether it is a small local store or a global enterprise-level business, we can support your online store.

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Magento 1.9 support

We are in the Magento business since 1.5 and we have the knowledge and know-how collected to support all versions of Magento 1. One question we receive all the time is "Do you support Magento 1.9?". We are proud to say yes, we support 1.7, 1.8, and 1.9. Also, we have trained & certified Magento 1 developers that are lead by a Magento certified solution provider.

Magento 2 support

Whether it is Magento 2.0, 2.3 or any version - we support it. While official Magento support covers only GA releases, we work with all of them - even ones in the pre-release phases. We understand the need for professional Magento developers for all versions. That is why we have trained and certified our developers also for Magento 2.

24/7 Magento support and maintenance agency

Get world-class Magento professionals work for you

  • 24/7 Availability of professional help
  • Official Magento partner
  • 3rd party integration
  • Performance optimization
  • Professional site monitoring
  • Magento certified developers
  • Official Amazon Web Services partner
  • eCommerce consultation
  • Professional design help
  • Enterprise infrastructure solutions on AWS
  • AWS certified solution architects
  • Professional development service
  • Security audits and improvements
  • Urgent issue resolution
  • Conversion rate optimization

Flexible support service

We understand that no business is the same. Therefore, we don’t have multiple plans where you either pay too much or are limited. In our Magento support you only pay for the hours you use.

Curious about our daily work in support?

In support, we deal with different tasks every day. We have gathered
up the most popular ones below just in case you are wondering if it also goes under the support service.

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Website is down. Need urgent help!

Magento version upgrade.

New feature creation.

Magento integrations with 3rd parties.

Website loading time reduction and
Google PageSpeed improvements.

Upgrade Magento 1 to 2.

Magento Security Patch installation.

Website migration to different hosting provider.

Extension installation and configuration.

Conversion rate optimization.

Magento auditing services.

Magento support after end-of-life.

What others
say about us

"Magebit did an exceptional job in replatforming Sabon NYC to Magento 2. The agency showed commitment and responsiveness throughout the entire project. They became a true partner, going above and beyond to find solutions and consistently delivered the best possible results."

"Magebit team helped to launch an online pre-booking of Volkswagen model. What I value the most is their exceptional professional approach and always effective solutions. If you are looking for a reliable and skilled partner for any eCommerce related needs, Magebit is what you are looking for."

"We used Magebit to help get our site back on track. It was slow, glued together, heavy on processes and hard to manage. Magebit refactored the site, cut down our server costs and help reduce our stress levels. We continue with update/changes."

"You guys have been killing it from the beginning and I know for a fact we would not be as far as we are with another agency. Nobody else would go above and beyond like you guys do. We all really appreciate the hard work you guys put in."

"Magebit offers a fast and stable service to improve our front- and backend functionalities. The communication is easy and they are always available if necessary. We can highly recommend them."

"We have used Magebit since 2016. They consistently fix and maintain our Magento driven web site. They are highly responsive and troubleshoot our problems. We highly recommend Magebit to anyone who is considering professional Magento developers to fix or maintain their website."

"I immediately felt that I was talking to a team that had a very high level of experience, a great cultural fit and value for money in regards to the size and scope of the project."

"Our in-house developer has been trying to create the API for some months but has always met stability challenges so I decided to look for a Magento certified company instead. The whole API was built within the schedule timeframe. Overall I am a satisfied customer and would love to work with them again."

"BrownPaper chose Magebit as our lead development partner for all Magento development work. They represent the best value and highest level of professionalism of any outsource team we have used in the 12 years we have been offering eCommerce services."

"The Magebit team are reliable team of experts in Web Development. They are great communicators and are consistent and trustworthy operators who are able to work with any project and produce high quality and timely outcomes. I highly recommend them."

"Excellent company - Highly recommended. Top quality work for Magento!! Great work, quick, fast and results better then expected. Will hire again."

"We started working with Magebit about a year ago and have been very pleased with their work. Needless to say, Magebit is the best development team we have ever worked with. They are very responsive, reliable, and overall just do great work. I would recommend the Magebit team to anybody!"

"The ongoing development is progressing smoothly and producing satisfactory results. They manage the project well and complete deliverables on time. Their support of the project helps them provide good service."

"I am very pleased to find such a competent and pleasant company to work with. Your team is top notch with great attention to detail and feedback. I look forward to the future and I feel relieved to find your team."

"I just want to take the time to express my deepest gratitude in the quality of work your team has provided us so far. They have been incredibly efficient and responsive to all our tasks and are very well trained in their fields. It really makes our business feel much more comfortable and confident knowing we have your companies expertise on hand."

"Magebit is providing us with a high level service. They are always reliable, responsive, flexible and creative!"

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