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Magento Performance Optimization

Increase your KPIs with a fast website. Our Magento professionals have the experience needed to achieve the best loading times for your site thus improving your visitor engagement and conversion rates. Speak with our specialists today to learn more about how this can impact your business.

Faster website means
more conversions

Slow websites not only damage your sales but also your brand.

Usually, 40% of potential customers abandon your website if it loads longer that 3 seconds. Around 80% of them won't come back.

Your website represents
your business, make the
best out of it

Don't damage the first impression as that stays the longest.

Faster website will increase your online customers satisfaction with your brand and that will make them return or even shop more in your physical stores.

There is no issue we cannot tackle

Some clients come with pages that load up to 12 seconds and we manage to reduce them to 1 second. We live, eat and breathe Magento.

Already convinced?

Shoot us a message right now and we will give you an initial quote for improving your website speed!

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Accelerated Mobile Pages

Unleash the power of AMP technology to make your website lightning fast and improve your customer satisfaction! We know the technology in-and-out and we are even showcased on the AMP website.

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Progressive Web Apps

Turn your website to an app with a few clicks! Get fast loading times, mobile notifications and offline browsing capabilities. Aliexpress was one of the first big brands to utilize this technology and it grew their iOS conversion rate by 82%.

Main ingredients
for success

Sugar, spice and everything nice. We believe that everyone deserves quality and happiness. Therefore, we make sure our staff is professional and happy. So forget about robotic, no-feeling conversations. We are humans and we will treat you with care and respect.

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