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Our teams of creative writers, graphic designers, data-driven marketers and strategists work with businesses across subject matter specialties. We design and execute agile content marketing strategies that will attract your audience and push leads through the sales funnel.

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Content Marketing Audit

Audits should be part of a quarterly or annual process for continuous program improvement. Magebit implements a three part framework: Discovery, assessment and recommendations to provide brands with a complete look at their content marketing efforts and find areas for improvement.

Content Marketing Planning

Once a content marketing strategy has been developed, it is key to document a content plan that takes into account audience needs, keyword targets and topics that your brand would like to be the “best answer” for. Magebit is focused on developing cohesive (yet agile) content plans and roadmaps to serve the needs of your target audience.

Content Marketing Creation & Implementation

Knowing that you need to create a quantity of quality content and having the resources in-house to execute in a meaningful way are often two different things. The experts at Magebit partner with your team to develop high-quality content to attract, engage and convert your audience.

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