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Professional Retargeting Services

Deliver personalized messages to your audience across all the channels. With our professional retargeting services you will be able to reach customers that interacted with your site in a way they are most likely to come back.

98.1% of your prospects will never get back to your website.
Unless you use retargeting!

What is Retargeting?

For most websites, only 1.9% of their traffic actually takes the desired action before leaving the site. After everything it took to get them to the site, they just leave. In most of the cases, non-converting visitors don’t leave because they aren’t interested in the offering. The reason to that is potential customers often get distracted, want to check out the competition or are simply curious. But once they leave, they’re gone.

Retargeting — also known
as remarketing — helps to prevent it.

Not only big brands use Magento. It is also used by small and medium sized businesses. In total there are more than 250k merchants selling on Magento. With a steady growth plan, Magento is for you. It is flexible and will match your future business needs.

How does it work?

When user visits website, remarketing script places cookies in case visitor meets your predefined criterias. Visitor cookie ID is added to your remarketing list. You can have multiple lists with a range of different criteria. You may show ads to the visitors that were interested in particular product, visited specific pages, initiated checkout and suddenly abandoned it.

Like other forms of paid advertising, you bid to have your ads shown, but the cost for remarketing is usually quite low. As a result, retargeting is a cheap and easy way to reel in potential customers you might have otherwise lost.

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