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A/B Testing for Magento and Shopify

Get guidance with eCommerce A/B testing from experts that have done it at scale as well as worked with a company delivering personalized recommendations based on A/B tests for the biggest sites on the web.

Split testing for eCommerce

In eCommerce A/B testing is very important to make statistical decisions. Something that might look terrible might bring way more value than the fancy version of it. Make the right decisions, test them first!

Two different variations
competing one another

If you make a test with version A this week and version B the next week, your data will not be precise. If you make a split test where 50% of the visitors see version A and the other half sees the version B - you are doing it right!

Test only when you need

It is very important to know when you have enough data to determine the winner and when you are losing money for testing too long. Our experienced analytics will help you find the sweet spot and get the maximum value with testing.

Have an idea you want to test?

We will let you know how we can test it and how much time would you need to gather enough data for analysis.

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Variations per segments

There might be cases where certain variants work best for a certain segment. You can keep variation A for new customers and B for returning ones. We will help you find these scenarios!

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