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eCommerce AI Personalization

Users are more demanding than ever and it has come to the point where simple rules cannot be competitive with giants such as Amazon. Our experience with AI and ML will help you stay competitive and offer such omnichannel personalization that your customers will love and therefore stick with you.

Automatically changing
blocks for your customers

We can build AI based personalization so your customers always see what they are looking for. Define the blocks and the AI will find what are the most important blocks for the certain segment or customer.

Personalized product

Ever purchased a baseball bat on Amazon and got recommended a ski mask? No need to set the recommendations based on product relations. We will set up machine learning algorithms to find the best recommendations for your visitor based on other visitor data.

Smart search for your eCommerce

We have integrated and created custom solutions for smart search in eCommerce. When a customer is looking for a bike, show him a bike, not a bike bottle holder.

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