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eCommerce Monitoring Service

You cannot watch the site 24/7. Therefore, we have a service that monitors your online store for you and ensures you are truly open for business at all times. Error rate checks, page performance indicators and various automated tests help you discover issues before they get to you from complaining customers.

Secret shopper
working for you 24/7

Imagine you have a copy of yourself that would browse the website and do add to cart, purchase behaviors and more all the time. Well, we can create one for you!

Some things are
done better by bots

While there are many things humans are better at, bots can ease our lives a lot. Checking if there are any functionality errors is one the many places bots outperform humans. One of the basic features our eCommerce monitoring bots do is they check if any javascript errors pop out. If they do, in most cases some functionality breaks. Notifying the right people about these errors can be saving your business a fortune!

Make sure your site
looks good, always

Another feature our bots do by default is that they check if the site looks good. That is done by checking if all styles are loaded and whether or not all images are successfully loaded.

Are you really open for business 24/7?

Get your secret shopper working for you all the time so you are always open for business online.

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Amazing reporting

Tested from multiple locations with screenshots of the issues found. For some errors such as javascript issues we also provide full info such as on which line of what code an error pops out. These errors can be delivered to you via email, sms or both!

Custom content validation

We can create bespoke custom content validation. For example checking if products with discounts are always above your purchase price so you never sell a product with loss. Another popular validation is to make sure no Out Of Stock products appear on the homepage or in related product sliders.

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