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Magento Security Patching Service

Security updates and patches are released on a regular basis to protect merchants. Some patches are simple to apply while others are not. By choosing a professional agency that is updating Magento stores with every patch that comes out, we have the experience needed for a fast and precise application of the patches.

Bullet proof Magento
security options

We have worked with Magento 1 and Magento 2 sites of different industries and helped different sites recover after they came to us with urgent requests. Not only we fixed the sites that were hacked, we haven’t got any incidents where a clients site gets hacked under our watch!

Securing your site
is an ongoing process

Once you make your website secure, you need to maintain it and keep it healthy. The technologies are improving all the time and missing out on security updates can leave your store open for attacks.

Maintaining a happy and successful web-store is simple and easy if you have taken necessary steps to install patch updates. This is an important step for both new and old Magento versions as patch updating keeps your retail platform safe and hack-proof.

Better safe than sorry

Reducing the risks to the minimum can save your business a fortune. Not only your reputation can get hurt which impacts the revenue, you can also get big fines from the governments. We will help you avoid that.

Still thinking?

Our security solutions stand in front of very large brands running on Magento and we can craft a tailor made security solution for you!

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Built-in security is not enough

Magento has strong built-in security features. However, at Magebit we understand the importance of educating our customers of the software’s vulnerability to potential security breaches. Fortunately, there are many options to bulletproof your Magento web-store from unscrupulous hackers and spammers.

Almost there!