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On-Demand Penetration for Magento

Be prepared before someone attacks your site. It is just a matter of time and success for attackers to try out some things on your site. With our on-demand penetration service we will try to hack the site ourselves and will enhance the security of the site to an enterprise-level Magento site.

Get white-hat hackers
to work for you

Don’t wait for a hacker that wants to squeeze out the juice of your business. At Magebit we offer on-demand penetration testing for your eCommerce site. This means you will get a security expert who tries to do similar actions as the bad hacker - the major differences are that it won’t impact your business in a bad way and you will know all information about it (where and how to fix the vulnerabilities).

Safe testing, safe business

All testing is performed on a separate infrastructure that is an exact copy of the production environment. Once that is safe, we validate the production environment so it does not affect the store performance.

Results that are not
available in audits

The penetration testing is the advanced way of doing platform audits. These are usually performed after an audit as this covers the actual penetration tests. What happens to your site when it goes under a heavy load? Is the risk minimized? Can anyone with a single script on his website take your website down? Are there any vulnerability issues that can cause data leaks?

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Fix the vulnerabilities before
they are known by the hackers

With our on-demand penetration testing you will be able to locate and protect the weak spots of the website. We will also assist you with the fixing of the vulnerabilities - whether they are infrastructure level or code level, we have the proper people to take care of that.

Technical results translated
into business language

While we craft the technical results and information about the further steps, we let you know about everything in a business non-technical language so you understand the impact of each issue. When we pass the task further to developers we make sure they get the technical information.

Almost there!