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GDPR Compliance Check

Leave the GDPR compliance check to experts who have done that a lot. We can check whether your online store and digital infrastructure is compliant with GDPR and afterward implement the changes required to make it compliant.

Make your Magento
comply with GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation is a serious matter that needs to be looked at by every company selling online. Penalties for breaching GDPR are very high and we can help you comply with the regulation to avoid that.

Free Magento GDPR
Compliance extension

We have already assisted many online stores to comply with GDPR.

In addition, we have also created a free open source Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions so you can cover most of the needs of GDPR.

Get assistance with GDPR compliance

Shoot us a message and our legal team will consult you on the GDPR compliance.

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Urgent execution
for tight deadlines

Let us clean the table by urgently making your site to comply with GDPR. Just let us know that you want this service till a certain date or ASAP and our team can jump on the case 24/7.

GDPR Compliance Checklist

If you want to check your site against the GDPR requirements yourself you can do that using the checklist provided below.

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