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eCommerce Platform Audit

Whether you run Magento or Shopify, it is important to know the threats and weak-spots of the platform. Our audits cover the technical such as security as well as the visual such as user experience and interface. With these audits you will be aware of the current weak-spots and be informed on how to rectify them.

Know the threats before
they hit your business

From code quality and best practices to search engine optimization, user experience and security. We perform full platform audits that cover it all. Knowing the threats is vital for your business to operate nearly risk-free.

Magento code audit
from certified professionals

Who else can give better insights into your Magento code quality than the ones that work with Magento every day? On top of that, the code audit is done only by Magento certified professionals . Usually, at least 2 developers participate in the Magento code audit.

No robotic results

All our audit results are carefully crafted by people with expertise in the field of the audit. Certified developers perform code audit, designers check user experience etc. For some parts such as security we must use scripts but they are fully customized per website so you get the best results with detailed information that is verified by professionals.

Interested in full eCommerce audit?

Shoot us a message and we can perform the audit within 2 weeks of request!

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Improve what can
help your business

The results from the audit will let you know in-depth about your store in a customer friendly language. This will help you understand the impact on the business of different issues and places for improvement. No more guessing what could be improved to get the best out of the website.

Secure your
store before it’s too late

What can be worse than your online store getting hacked? Don’t risk it!

We will make sure your site is secure and threat-free. If we will find vulnerabilities, you will know what are the most critical ones and how can we help to resolve them.

Almost there!