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We will help you focus on your business by taking away the worries an hassle of project management. While the usual flow is to source project management together with our other services such as development and design, it is possible to go with just project management as well.

Project Management
as a Service

Forget about night shifts and late evening calls with your external team working remotely in a timezone far from yours. We can consult or even lead a project completely, no matter where you or your team are located.

We can also help your team with the project delivery, reporting and advices on different topics around eCommerce. After all, we have delivered high budget, tight schedule eCommerce projects perfectly. Nevertheless, eCommerce is what we do everyday.

Certified project managers

All our project managers hold at least 1 certificate and are experienced with Scrum methodology. Some have Scrum Alliance certificates, others have Google’s and Magento’s. All our project managers are advanced users of Atlassian products with high level communication skills, care and dedication.

Worried about your project execution?

Our project managers will follow the project and improve its delivery.

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