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Custom infrastructure on AWS

Looking for a custom infrastructure on Amazon Web Services that is secure, automatically scales based on the incoming traffic and is built as per your exact needs? You’ve come to the right place, we can create one for you!

Global AWS partner
specialised in eCommerce

We work with eCommerce every day and we know the common issues that are caused by different infrastructures. We will help you skip the problems and work with solutions to improve your store performance.

Serverless eCommerce
for astonishing performance

Imagine an eCommerce site that is easy to maintain and can handle heavy loads with ease. We have created serverless solutions for eCommerce to handle enormous campaigns. A few years back we made a solution that handles more than 1000 Magento orders per hour.

Looking for Amazon Web Services infrastructure experts?

You have found us. We will help you with the infrastructure planning and work execution.

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All services under 1 roof

With AWS, you can have a single provider for more than 100 services. Not only the services are very advanced to be customized for your needs, they are also highly secure. For top secret applications there is also AWS GovCloud which is completely isolated from the rest.

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