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Magebit Trips — Djerba

Guess what? Magebit is traveling again! It has been a while since me and my colleagues from Magebit last time went for a “working abroad trip”. May 2019...
Arturs Haritonenko Support Manager
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Magento Web Exploit Case Studies

Magento is an extremely popular e-commerce platform leading market share at around 30% in e-commerce businesses and it’s handling over 50 billion dollars a...
Ansis Kengis Magento Developer & Team Lead
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The importance of being visually appealing in e-commerce

First impression — that’s scary. Something that you will never be able to change, especially on the Internet. Internet never forgets, am I right? In...
Marta Katrina Marketing & Communications
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Bonus influence on productivity

Nowadays IT businesses grow rapidly and employers with Human Resources need to jump in or better be in the front with innovation how to attract new employees...
Linda Roze Human Resources