Blog Digital Greenovation 2023: Slovenian Confluence of Business, Innovation, and Natural Splendor

Magebit | Nov 12, 2023

Digital Greenovation 2023: Slovenian Confluence of Business, Innovation, and Natural Splendor

Artjoms Lanko
E-commerce certified specialist

As the summer heat continued into September, our Anete Andruškevica and Kārlis Stīpnieks embarked on a journey to the heart of Europe — Slovenia.

Their agenda was as green as the Slovenian hills: to host the Digital Greenovation Conference, a symposium focusing on the combination of digital technology and sustainable practices.

The Prelude to Innovation

Before the hustle and bustle of the conference, our duo had the pleasure of visiting Leanpay in the vibrant city of Ljubljana. The discussions in the modern offices were just as enriching as the historical charm of the city.

The next day, a scenic drive led them to eMundia, where half a day of fruitful exchanges took place against the backdrop of Slovenia's picturesque countryside.

Setting the Stage for Greenovation

In the picturesque town of Laško, known for its thermal springs, our team meticulously set the stage for a day of exciting dialog and forward-thinking presentations.

Kārlis took on the mantle of speaker and shared insights in line with Magebit's ethos — innovation combined with environmental awareness.

Achievements Unlocked

The Digital Greenovation conference wasn't just another event, it was a testament to Magebit's pioneering spirit. By organizing our first major event of the year with partners, we laid the foundation for future symposiums that will continue to reflect our vision of a greener digital future.

Wasting no time, our tandem took the opportunity to meet with long-standing customers Leanpay and eMundia. The meetings were not only beneficial for business, but also confirmed the value of personal relationships in the digital age.

A Journey Through Slovenia's Heart

The most charming moments, however, were unscripted. Slovenia's rolling hills and lush nature provided a tranquil retreat where our team could enjoy the local hospitality and the country's natural beauty.

Anete relished the tranquility of Thermana's spa pools, while Kārlis answered the call of the trails and hiked through Slovenia's verdant landscapes.

The Conference: A Green Milestone

The Digital Greenovation conference was more than just a gathering — it was a celebration of digital progress.

As the event unfolded, the exchange of ideas about sustainability and technology was as invigorating as the Slovenian air.


As our representatives bid farewell to Slovenia, they took more than just the success of a well-received conference.

They brought back stories of Slovenia's enchanting landscapes, the warmth of new friendships, and the promise of a future where green technologies lead the way.

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Artjoms Lanko
E-commerce certified specialist
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