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Magebit, Featured, PWA | Aug 27, 2020

Magebit Announced as Vue Storefront Core Partner

Arturs Kruze
Chief Executive Officer

After a track of successful project launches on Magento 2 + Vue Storefront and our involvement in community activities and growth, Vue Storefront promoted us, Magebit, to the highest possible partnership tier - Vue Storefront Core Partner.

What does Vue Storefront Core Partnership mean?

The main purpose of Vue Storefront agency partners is to help merchants find competent development agencies while strengthening and growing the community of the Open Source product. The Core Partnership tier is awarded to agencies that have proven that they excel at the solutions and are the best in the world when it comes to Vue Storefront implementation.

Also, all partners receive contacts inside Vue Storefront to be the first ones to know about future plans and growth of the platform, and get technical answers whenever they are needed.

Our commitment to Vue Storefront

We strongly believe that Progressive Web Applications is the future of eCommerce, and that Vue Storefront and Magento will play a major role in it. We will continue working towards our mission "To make online shopping faster, easier and more enjoyable by using smarter technologies." that goes in-hand with PWA in eCommerce.

Thanks to the Vue Storefront team for welcoming us as Core Partners, the community for all the amazing work shaping the future of eCommerce and merchants for being able to adapt quickly and trying out new technologies!

Magebit is a full service eCommerce agency specialized in Magento. At Magebit we create the wonders of eCommerce and support small sites as well as large enterprises.

You can contact us at or through the contact us page.

Arturs Kruze
Chief Executive Officer
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