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Magebit | Dec 27, 2018

Millennials at workplace

Linda Roze

To be punctual, to millennials we can refer as we speak about those who were born between 1980s and 2000s. Magebit is the perfect place to see millennials in action- what they want, how they communicate, what are their priorities.

There are no doubts about differences between generations and now we can see the difference at workplace. We asked 5 people who belong to generation x about their ideal workplace and mostly preferences were stability (to know that in one year you will be at the same place), standard working hours (approximately from 9 am to 5 pm), fixed salary (they don’t want to depend on bonuses).

At Magebit all employees are millennials and their routine is quite different. Millennials don’t care that much about stability at work. They believe that another will come and going away from job is not the end of the world. At Magebit there is beautiful opportunity to agree on preferable working hours. Some of employees come at 6 am, others at 11 am. Millennials are the most flexible generation.

And bonuses… one of the best way to keep a good millennial is to offer lots and lots of bonuses.

At Magebit bonuses are more than anyone from generation X could ever imagine. Employees can play PlayStation, ping-pong and other games whenever they want. They get fruits and sweets with no limit. There is only one thing- the job needs to be done. It is said that millennials need instant feedback from supervisors and they expect close relationships with colleagues. One of the benefits at Magebit is frequent events. Employees have monthly general meetings that are made fun with food and team-building games, one bigger event with activities bimonthly and big summer and winter event.

Recruiting for Millennials is hard enough because they’re not afraid that this job might be their only opportunity, they are not afraid to ask bonuses and salary that is bigger than their parents salaries together. And they know what they are worth because lately higher chances for job are for young and intelligent candidates with small experience if they can think out of the box. It is the hardest part for generation X to get out of routine to learn something new. That is why it is easier to educate young employee than to try to learn something new to candidate with a lot of experience but problem to do something out of the ordinary.

I as a millennial myself didn’t agree with few points from description about millennials but while working at Magebit it all makes sense now!

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