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Magebit | Feb 15, 2018

Next-generation superstars at Magebit

Arturs Kruze
Chief Executive Officer

Every year there is a day we call the Shadows day. It is a day when students go to a workplace they would like join in the future or learn more about. Some choose to shadow bank employees, some choose the TV crew and some — different roles at Magebit.

During the day, the shadows follow and watch the workday of a certain role. This year, not only our developers were shadowed. There were also students that wanted to see the daily work of our accountant, designer and QA.

In total, 17 shadows joined Magebit that day.

Developers were shadowed the most

14 of the 17 shadows chose to see the daily life of a developer while other 3 chose accounting, design and QA (which are awesome roles also, especially at Magebit).

It seems like young students eat, breathe and live the internet. Many of the shadows had made some games or websites already (and at that age it is very impressive).

Fun, laughter and joy

It happened that the Shadows day 2018 took place on 14th of February — Valentines day. That made this day even more special.

Education they came for

The Shadows day is an official event in Latvia and is recognized Junior Achievement career program. Therefore, fun and pizza are not the only things they came for. The most important reason was to learn more about the daily work for certain roles.

We are proud to say they learned about the roles a lot and the feedback of the whole day was exceptional!

We are happy that we could help the superstars of the future learn more about us, Magento and best practices of the roles they shadowed. Who knows, maybe some of them will be a part of Magebit in the near future.

In case you missed the Shadows day and are interested in our work or want to join us — shoot us a message!

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Arturs Kruze
Chief Executive Officer
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