Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Magento on Amazon Web Services

Scalable, secure and cost-effective

No limitations

With your site on Amazon Web Services you do not need to worry about the scalability of your site. The most complex architectures are possible with AWS. Contact our specialists and we will create tailor made Magento hosting environment on Amazon Web Services today!

Full control

Tired of hosting providers limiting your access? On Amazon Web Services you have full control over your site.

One place for everything

Amazon Web Services are so wide they can cover mostly all of your needs for your site hosting. Databases, EC2 instances, storage and Content Delivery Network - these are just a fraction of AWS. Check Amazon Web Services homepage for information on what they provide.

Move to AWS today

Our specialists will transfer your site with no downtime!

"The AWS cloud provides a scalable, highly reliable platform that helps customers deploy applications and data quickly and securely."
- Magento on the AWS Cloud, AWS