Blog Learn, Show, Inspire: Magebit's Journey to Skill Up Students at GUST University in Kuwait

Magebit | Jun 12, 2023

Learn, Show, Inspire: Magebit's Journey to Skill Up Students at GUST University in Kuwait

Artjoms Lanko
E-commerce certified specialist

Our journey of knowledge and experience sharing at Magebit has taken us once again to the sands of Kuwait. This trip was particularly significant as it marked the execution and culmination of the training program with the Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST). It was all about making a real impact on the student's skills and preparing them for the challenges ahead.

With our bags packed with expertise and eagerness to engage, our team set off on an enriching adventure from March 18 to April 6 and April 12, 2023, respectively.

Meet the Trio

Our chosen trio for this mission, Dinija Eiduka, Elīna Loseva and Rihards Ratke, are not only experts in their own fields but also excellent mentors. They were welcomed by faculty members, program managers and students from the Management Information Systems (MIS) and Computer Science (CS) study programs at GUST.

Our connection with the university awakened during our previous visit, was strengthened by this warm welcome.

The Journey's Purpose

The purpose of this business trip was multifaceted. On the one hand, Rihards had a unique task: teaching students how to develop a new website for Kuwait Financial House based on a case study provided by the client. Rihard's goal was to empower students with hands-on coding skills using his arsenal of Java, Springboot, React.js, MongoDB, and REST.

The key aspect was to create a visually appealing, user-friendly website that contains logical flows for users.

On the other hand, Elīna’s and Dinija’s mission was to equip MIS students with useful UX and project management skills. We focused on providing knowledge about UX research and the benefits students can get from it to propose new solutions for the MyGUST application. MyGUST is a mobile app used by the student community.

It serves as a gateway for students to access course content and receive instant notifications, making it an integral part of the university’s academic ecosystem.

The Encore

Adding to the richness of this trip was the visit by our CEO, Arturs Krūze from May 21 to 26. Arturs participated in the closing ceremony as a member of the jury for "Live Your Major". His role was not only to evaluate the student's performance in this project but also to strengthen the strategic partnership between Magebit and GUST. This trip was a successful one, culminating in the official award ceremony.

A Taste of Kuwait

In between teaching and learning, the Magebit team managed to explore Kuwait a bit. Team members visited some local attractions such as Boulevard Park, the majestic Kuwait Towers, Marina Mall, and Avenues Mall - the largest shopping mall in the region.

They experienced the beautiful Kuwait desert, the serenity of Al Shaheed Park, a traditional Kuwaiti market - Souk Al-Mubarakiya, Albandaira Island plus witnessed the GUST Pedal Tournament.

During these tours, our team was touched by the warmth and hospitality of the local people and their culture, which enriched their entire experience of Kuwait and its people.

What Was Achieved

These trips are more than just business ventures for us. They're an opportunity to meet, connect, learn and share. All of our sessions with the students were successfully completed, equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge to complete their projects and succeed further in their careers.

We returned not only with the satisfaction of a job well done but also with rich experiences, strengthened relationships and fond memories.

Memorable Moments

Despite the packed schedule, there was also a place for fun and laughter. From celebrating Elīna's birthday with a surprise confetti party, tasting local dishes and enjoying the view from the 132nd floor of Kuwait's towers, to realizing that the sun in Kuwait isn't so bad even at 35 degrees - half-hour to 45-meter walks are quite doable. There were quite a few unique moments that made this trip unforgettable.

This journey was another step in our ongoing mission to share knowledge and build strong relationships across the globe. We're excited about our future trips and look forward to sharing the details with you!

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Artjoms Lanko
E-commerce certified specialist
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