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Magento Development Company

Magento is a complex platform and requires the right people to maintain it for it to be stable and flexible in the long run. We are here for that. Our Magento certified developers are trained to develop Magento stores with a long-term view on the functionality and maintainability in mind.

Custom solutions built
on Magento

Idea to solution, we can cover all parts of development of your online store on Magento. Our Magento developers have crafted custom solutions for different industries, including Fashion & Beauty, Automotive & Industrial, Computers & Electronics, Outdoors & Health and more.

Magento development by certified specialists

Not only is our team Magento-certified, it has also proven its expertise in creating fully functioning omnichannel solutions for vendors worldwide. And don’t just take our word for it - ask for references and we will be more than happy to introduce you to some of our clients.

Magento development by Magebit

Create a professional Magento website tailored to your business success.

Cross-industry experience

Working with Magento in multiple industries has broadened our experience with innovative ways to accomplish certain business goals.

Magento specialists

All Magento stores are developed by trained Magento specialists where majority of them are certified.

B2B & B2C

We have extensive experience building Magento B2B and B2C stores that provide omnichannel experience worldwide.

Solution oriented

We believe it is not just about building a new online store. It is about growing and improving your business.

Full service

Strategic planning, wireframing, design, development and maintenance with digital growth - we are here for you.

Extensive experience

We eat, breathe and live Magento. It is hard to come by platform specialized experts with such extensive experience in a single platform.

Full Magento 2 development

Magento 2 or Magento Cloud - we have it covered. Fun fact - we were one of the few who participated in the Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist beta exam before it was released to the general public. And yes, we passed it whilst having twice as many questions as others.

Create a Magento store that beats the competition

We believe it is not just about building a new online store. It is about growing and improving your business.

What is the Magento development process?

In our full build department, we have fixed teams that work specifically on Magento full build projects. To be short - it is something like Scrum methodology. Our approach to projects is always agile - we work in sprints and the length of them depends on the team and project size. We hold regular team meetings, demos and retrospectives. Meetings with the client are held as often as needed in specific project.

Is it easy to develop a Magento store?

No. Magento is quite a complex platform and it has a steep learning curve for people that want to get involved in it. In comparison, for WordPress and Shopify the learning curve is much smaller and therefore people with nearly no experience can achieve things not so badly but for Magento it is a completely different story. A simple mistake in the architecture of custom code can make the whole store hard to maintain so it is important to develop it with professionals since the very beginning.

Are Magento stores always built by Magento specialists?

All our specialists that work on Magento stores have gone through our self-developed extensive Magento training program that focuses on best practices, default functionalities, how to properly do certain tasks etc. Even when a Magento developer with a long history with Magento development joins us - they still go through our training program. That is necessary to ensure all our Magento developers have the standards and quality acceptance aligned.

Why choose Magento over other platforms?

There are many reasons but we believe the biggest strength of Magento is its flexibility and it is required for businesses that want to grow faster than the competition. There are no boundaries with Magento while other platforms have too many. Security of the site and its data is also very important and Magento handles that very well.

Ready to talk business?

There must be a reason our clients stay and LOVE to work with us. Shoot us a message and understand why.

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Magento Commerce development

We work with different size clients because we believe all store owners should be able to receive quality service no matter the size of the company. Therefore, our past experience greatly includes both versions of Magento - Open Source (previously Community Edition) and Commerce (previously Enterprise).

Only in-house development

Leave your project in the hands of careful and responsible. We don’t do any outsourcing as 100% of our services are done in-house by people that can be trusted and have high sense of care and dedication. Most of them are Magento certified.

Magento Cloud development

Magento Cloud is essentially Magento Commerce version hosted on Amazon Web Services by Magento. This way you get the infrastructure built by the same company that made Magento. Magento development on the cloud is a little bit different and we can help you with that!

Magento Cloud

Official Magento Development Partner

Build your store with future in mind. The foundations of the website are very important.

  • Official Magento partner
  • Magento certified developers
  • B2B and B2C experience
  • System integration experience
  • Performance oriented development
  • Strict development guidelines
  • Full-service company
  • Enterprise Cloud infrastructure solutions
  • Official Amazon Web Services partner
  • 24/7 Availability of professional help
  • SEO best practices
  • Magento trained specialists

Happy developers, happier clients

Happy developers deliver the best results and we will make sure our happiness will get to you. Not only we
work with passion but we also use the latest technologies
and have strict guidelines.

Our clients love our work

"The modernized solution has dramatically expedited online operations and increased output, thanks to Magebit’s reliable integrations and stability fixes. The team’s fresh approach, problem-solving skills, direct communication, and uncompromising quality promote success."

Head of e-Commerce

High standards & perfection

Relying on the right people with certified skills, aptitude and industry specialties is crucial when quality driven results is the main concern. Look forward to enjoying that and greater returns at Magebit.

Design to Theme to full
ERP integrations

Your Magento development needs will be fulfilled, no matter what they are. From custom theme creations on Magento to enterprise ERP integrations per warehouse - we have proven experience with that. There isn’t a single request we were not able to fulfil.

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