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E-commerce, Magebit | Nov 03, 2022

Magebit Booth Steals the Show at Riga Comm 2022

Julia Abbasova
E-commerce certified specialist

The year of the Tiger, 2022 has already brought a lot to the Magebit agenda. Just in the past few months, we visited Meet Magento UK. Organized our first-ever Coding Bootcamp. Went overseas to host a packed-with-value eCommerce networking event and attend Meet Magento New York 2022.

Our business trip to New York turned out to be a great success. But we still had more on the horizon. The next checkpoint for our expert team was Riga Comm 2022.

About Riga Comm 2022 Business & Tech Fair

Riga Comm 2022 is one of the most prominent business and technology events in the Baltics region. On October 6 and 7, the well-awaited tech show took place in the very heart of Riga.

Once you enter the Riga Comm venue, you can feel the eCommerce vibe in the air. Everybody was working as a well-oiled machine. Especially in the Magebit booth that was constantly radiating genuine kindness and joy, — says Elina Loseva, Division Manager at Magebit.

Over 90 exhibiting companies and brands from across the globe. 10 conferences, and almost 150 expert speakers in 5 stages! This year, the expo brought together over 5,000 business owners, manufacturers, professionals, and enthusiasts in Fintech, eCommerce, Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, Smart Tech, and Business Development.

What immediately catches the eye is that the fair is obviously expanding, compared to the previous years. This year, Riga Comm has gained notably more attention from brands and attendees from all over the world, — says Reinis Millers, Project Manager at Magebit.

The team of practitioners to answer it all about eCommerce

We started preparing for the tech expo one month in advance. At the booth, we wanted to cover any possible technical questions and specific solution aspects that could follow. So the comprehensive Magebit roster was formed pretty quickly.

For two days of the event, Emils Malovka, Reinis Millers, and Kaspars Prusis, our smiling yet knowledgeable project managers who have helped literally hundreds of online store succeed, became Magebit frontmen.

How our booth stole the show (it’s the pancakes)

While preparing for the expo, the main brainstorming point was how to turn our booth into a magnet for the attendees.

We want Magebit to be associated with a personal, honest yet comfortable-in-communication business approach.

So we decided to melt the ice of the first conversions — by serving pancakes. You heard it right. The pancakes became a killer conversation starter for anyone approaching the Magebit booth.

During the two days at Riga Comm, we had numerous amount of conversations. From small talks with students and existing partners to in-depth tech advice for potential clients. We got contacted by many service providers. For example, some of them offered worth-attention payment solutions that can become a more cost-effective option for some of our clients. So participating in this type of show is always a win-win for everybody, — Reinis adds.

The presentation that stole the stage

Magebit couldn’t miss the opportunity to share with the eCommerce community what we’d learned from managing hundreds of online stores worldwide. As an expert speaker at the conference, we sent a pro who’d helped brands and Fortune 500 companies create online stores that beat out the competitors.

Elina Loseva, our Division Manager in the Projects Department who was just back from Meet Magento NYC, gave a comprehensive speech on the eCommerce stage.

The topic Elina covered “Nudge philosophy in action — How to successfully sell to lazy visitors” got an amazing response from the audience, and was followed by a thunderous ovation.

Here’s the first-person comment from our brave speaker. We hope it will make you smile. Just like Elina did with the listeners at Riga Comm.

I was super anxious. Even though a long time ago I aspired to be a stand-up comic, this was my very first time being on the stage in front of such a knowledgeable audience. Plus, I was the last speaker on the last day. Can you imagine how well you should perform so people don’t yawn or rush to the exit?:)

Elina told the audience every secret about converting lazy shoppers who are “just browsing around” to happy paying customers. Of course, with a slightly trembling voice, dramatic storytelling techniques she practiced at school, and a few jokes that were NOT funny but still made listeners smile and giggle.

The next thing I remember right after finishing my presentation is many people approaching me just to say “Thanks for the great topic” and “Great presentation!”. These signs of appreciation for your work are something that motivates you and gives you that pure desire to give back more to the eCommerce community, Elina comments, generously smiling.

Words of appreciation: from Magebit — directly to you

Thank you for visiting the Magebit booth and rating our pancakes. We are always happy to meet our partners, existing clients, ex- and future employees, or basically any new connections.

Always know about the upcoming events Magebit is heading to — via our Blog, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Stay tuned!

Magebit is a full service eCommerce agency specialized in Magento. At Magebit we create the wonders of eCommerce and support small sites as well as large enterprises.

You can contact us at or through the contact us page.

Julia Abbasova
E-commerce certified specialist
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