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Magento solution for Volkswagen electric car pre-booking

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Moller Baltic Import SE is the official dealer of Volkswagen in Baltics and Audi in Latvia and Lithuania. They are a subsidiary of Moller Mobility Group that is one of the Northern Europe's leading vehicle companies with more than 4000 employees. Moller Baltic Import SE is an innovative company that invests in their employees, follows and even creates the latest trends in the transport industry.

To be successful with their first online electric car pre-booking system, Moller Baltic Import SE chose Magebit as their solution provider for this project that includes strategy, design and development.

"Magebit team helped to launch an online pre-booking of Volkswagen model. What I value the most is their exceptional professional approach and always effective solutions. If you are looking for a reliable and skilled partner for any eCommerce related needs, Magebit is what you are looking for."

Marketing Project Manager

Swedbank payments integration

Research of payment processors that are willing to accept transactions of EUR 1000 per purchase and a high risk of refunds. Swedbank agreed to the terms so we implemented Swedbank Credit Card Payments in their checkout.

Tailor-made checkout experience

Complete redesign and rework of checkout to have an integrated look and feel with overall Volkswagen image and marketing landing pages. Includes custom functionality to meet car pre-booking requirements.

Integration with marketing systems

Volkswagen was big in their marketing for this electric car launch and had multiple landing pages. In order to achieve seamless user experience for customers switching from landing pages to checkout, custom functionality to get information from those systems was set up.

Checkout performance optimization

When buying a car online, the checkout experience must be top notch. We improved the user experience also by optimizing the page for speed.

Customized refund process

Refunds should be fast and easy for all online purchases, also cars. That is why we set out to create an easy to use refunds section with the same checkout look and feel.

Dealer access customization

The cars could be pre-booked from various dealers and we created special access for them so they can see and process orders
made only from them.

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